Fishing in Mugello

Bilancino lake
The Bilancino lake, thanks to it’s particularly clear water, it’s  rich of various fish species such as carps, chubs, black bass, pikes; there has been found also barbels, trouts, vairons, eels, tench, catfish and perch all of them coming from the many torrents that feed the lake. To fish in the lake is necessary to posses a fishing licence and valid identification document. Many fishing techniques are commonly used: trout rig for bottom fishing is used maily for carps, the “English” and the “Roubaisienne” are for chubs; Bolognese rods or stable rods of various size including the short ones for bleaks; the spinning technique is popular because of the black bass and pike presence, whilst the Fly fishing is used in spots where the streams flow into the lake. It’s allowed to fish with belly boats, rowing boats or equipped with electric engine.

Fishing lakes

Il Molinuccio – Molinuccio lake
Via del Molinuccio, Sant’Agata – Scarperia
Fish species: rainbow and brown trout , sturgeon, grass carp, sea bass e char. Opening hours: 7-12/14-19

Il Lago di Galliano di Agriambiente Mugello – Galliano lake of Agriambiente Mugello
Via di Galliano, 15/a, Galliano – Barberino di Mugello. Fish species: carp

Il Lago del Cavallino – Cavallino lake
Via Fagna, 8 – Scarperia. Fish species: carp for sport fishing

Lago di Montelleri – Montelleri lake
No kill fishing. Open all day.

Laghi di Bellavalle – Bellavalle lakes
Via di Bellavalle, 3  Cavallina – Barberino di Mugello.
Fish species: trout, sturgeon, striated bass and pike. Artificial bait allowed. Courses for adults and children available. Open everyday in July; closed on Thursday in August. Opening hours: 7-19

Via Del Lago 11 – Barberino di Mugello
Gurugarage it’s an exhibition space devotedto spinning fishing with artificial bait in soft water and sea. The latest equippment is always available for  practice after it’s been tested  by experts in extreme fishing conditions. Seminars, training courses, stages with international spinning experts, and entartainment in the relax area are available and enrich this important commercial offer. Gurugarage is the first reality in Italy to be updated and always a step forward in spinning fishing.


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